Cute Baby Shower Invitations. You just found out your best friend is expecting. What do you do? Plan a baby shower to congratulate her and let her know that her friends and family are over the moon about the arrival of her little one(s). Hosting a baby shower is a great opportunity to bring your friends together for a fabulous afternoon of food, laughter, advice sharing, and gift giving. Step # 1 on your party planning to do list – order cute baby shower invitations. The invitation sets the tone for the party. Some people also use baby shower invitations to announce the gender of the baby. Here are a bunch of fabulous ideas for baby shower invitations. I hope you find the perfect one for your party.

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Unique Baby Shower Invitations Ideas – Boys

Is the gorgeous mommy-to-be expecting a little boy? Here are some great invitations to let the guests know that a son is on the way. Many of these invites are available in multiple colors, so they may be available for girls too. So if you need some ideas on baby shower invitations for boys – start right here…..







Lilly Pulitzer Navy Crazy Printable Baby Shower Invitation – Baby Showers, Birth Announcements, and Baptisms






Chic Mom – Baby Shower Invitations – Baby Showers, Birth Announcements, and Baptisms


Cute Baby Shower Invitations Ideas – Girls

A little girl is on the way? Pink and orange is one of my favorite color combinations and always makes for festive invites and party decor. These invitations will get your guests in the mood for a very girly party. You can serve afternoon tea, or cupcakes and champagne – either way, your guests will certainly have a great afternoon celebrating the pending arrival of your best friend’s baby girl.





All Stacked Up – Tea Party Baby Shower Invitations
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Festive & Fabulous Baby Shower Invitations 
Doc Milo at – Baby Showers, Birth Announcements, and Baptisms


Unique Baby Shower Invitations Ideas – Gender Neutral

There are still a few moms and dads out there who wait until the day of the birth to find out whether they are having a baby boy or girl. (I wasn’t one of them!) Luckily there are so many cool ideas for adorable baby shower invitations that are perfect for boys and girls alike. Even if you know the gender of the baby, you might like some of the cheerful colors found in the invites below.








Vintage Personalized Poster Baby Shower Invite
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Jungle Parade Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitations
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Baby Shower Invitations Ideas for a Couples Baby Shower

Couples baby showers continue to gain popularity. Couples showers are a fun way to bring together groups of friends. I think the dads have just as much fun swapping parenting tips and stories as the moms do. The invitations below are perfect for couples baby showers. You can also play with the wording to make them work for women’s showers too.









Twins Baby Shower Invite
Paper Culture



Couples Baby Shower Invitation – Baby Showers, Birth Announcements, and Baptisms




Lullaby Baby Couples Baby Shower Invite
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Baby Shower Invitation Wording Samples, Ideas & Inspriation

There are so many cute baby shower invitations that you can print straight from  your own printer. It often saves you a little money, though it takes some time to come up with the perfect wording for your baby shower invite. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started.

Key Elements of any Baby Shower Invitation:

1) Who is the guest of honor

2) Who is hosting the shower

3) Gender of the baby (or babies) on the way – if in fact the mom-to-be knows and wants to share this personal information with others

4) Time of the party (specify if there is an end time too if there is one, not just the start time)

5) Date of the party – it is nice to include the day of the week too if there is room on the invite so when people first read it they aren’t trying to figure out if it is on a Saturday or a Sunday

6) Baby shower location and address – ex. Nicole’s House, 123 Ocean Drive, Hermosa Beach

7) Gift theme if there is one – some people host ‘baby book’ showers which are wonderful, especially for moms who already have one child and don’t need a lot of baby stuff

8)Type of party – it is helpful to give your guests an idea of the type of food that will be served so they can prepare their appetites accordingly – for example, if you will be hosting an afternoon tea, luncheon, barbeque, Sunday brunch, cupcakes & champagne, etc.

9) RSVP info – provide a name, phone and email for guests to use to RSVP – it is good if you give an ‘RSVP by’ date too – some people simply say ‘regrets only’ – if you are hosting the event at a hotel or restaurant or having it catered, you will want to ensure you have an accurate guest count in advance

10) List stores where the mom to be is registered – this makes it easy for guests – my mom would probably say it is not appropriate to include this in the invitation and that the hostess can provide gift registration info to guests when they RSVP is they specifically ask

Baby Shower Invitation Wording – The Invite Introduction:

I know everyone likes to have a cute little phrase at the top of the invitation to let the guests know about the baby shower. Here are a few suggestions and ideas to consider:

1) Join us for a Baby Shower Honoring Annie Lewis

2) Join us for a Baby Shower in Honor of Annie Lewis

3) Please Join us for a Baby Shower in Honor of Annie Lewis

4) Welcome Little One…

5) Guess Who is about to Pop?

6) Baby Lewis is on her Way…

7) You’re Invited to a Baby Shower in Honor of Annie Lewis

8)Annie is Having a Baby Girl…Please Join us in Celebrating

9) With Baby Lewis on the Way, Let’s Throw a Shower for Annie

10) Please Join us as we Celebrate the Upcoming Arrival of Baby Lewis

11) It’s Time to Celebrate our Good Friend and Mommy-to-Be, Annie

12) Please Join Us as we Celebrate Annie Lewis and the Upcoming Arrival of her Baby Boy

13) You are Cordially Invited to a Baby Shower for Annie Lewis

14) A Baby Shower for Mom to Be, Annie Lewis

15) Please Join us for a Gender Revealing Baby Shower Honoring Annie Lewis

16) Baby Love

17) A Little One is Coming…

18) A Little Peanut is on the Way

19) Annie & James are Having a Baby – Let’s Celebrate

20) Annie & James are Expecting – Let’s Shower Them with Love

Shop for Unique Baby Shower Invitations – The Resource Guide

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Here are some great places to shop online for lots of baby shower invitation ideas:

Amazon – baby shower invitations – unique baby shower cards and printable shower invitations

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inababycarriage – baby shower invites

Mink Cards – modern baby shower invitations – hip cards for happy moments

Minted – wonderful collection of baby shower invitations

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Paper Source Invitations

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Storkie – an eclectic assortment of personalized baby shower invitations

Tiny Prints – extensive collection of great baby shower invites

William Arthur – a charming collection of baby shower invitations

Baby Shower Ideas – Games & Activities

I am going to be completely honest here – I am not a fan of baby shower games. I have tried really hard to keep everything on Sweet Peas & Stilettos very positive, upbeat and optimistic. But when I walk into a baby shower and discover there are going to be games the first thing I start do to is craft my excuse for why I am going to need to leave the party early. Maybe it is a sign I am getting older – or maybe I am just becoming my mother. Here are many favorite baby shower games and a little note why they make me run to the hills. Hopefully you will have better luck getting your game on.

Baby Shower Game #1 – Guess how many inches the mommy-to-be’s waistline is? aka Try to cut a piece of string the length of the mommy-to-be’s growing waistline. Are you serious! Have you ever heard a pregnant woman say, “I love huge and enormous I am now!” She is the guest of honor and doesn’t want to know the answer herself so why would she want anyone else to know. It is not nice.

Baby Shower Game #2 – Guess the poop in the diaper? This is that ever so popular game when the hostess microwaves a bunch of diapers with a different chocolate candy bars in each one and you have to guess what type of candy bar it is. Can you tell the Mars bar (mystery poop #1) from the Snickers (mystery poop #2)? Nobody wants to think about poop at a party…why would you do this to your guests?

Baby Shower Game #3 – Chugging Beer from a Baby Bottle – This baby shower game is a favorite at couples showers. Some people think it is actually fun to watch their significant others sucking a baby bottle and trying to chug that warm Budweiser before the next guy. Really? A baby shower is not a fraternity party….

Baby Shower Game #4 – Guess the gender of the baby? This one works if you are hosting a gender revealing party. It is perfectly harmless. If you must play a game, this one is fine.

Baby Shower Game #5 – Pin the Sperm on the Egg – Just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey…you can actually order a poster of your reproductive organs and pin away. But really, who wants to wear a blind fold at a party (that would be a VERY different party!)? You just had your hair done and finally put on a little eye makeup – why do you want to pretend you are 7 years old?? And do you really want to put a poster of a uterus on your wall?

Baby Shower Game #6 – How many baby items can you list in 5 minutes. aka List a baby item for every letter in the alphabet. I would much much rather talk to people and have real conversations than stare at a blank piece of paper while I try to come up with words like diaper cream and pee pee tee pees.

Baby Shower Game #7 – Guess the baby picture. I don’t know about you but I find it hard enough to get myself dressed and a gift wrapped and actually arrive at the baby shower on time – I really don’t want a homework assignment of needing to track down my baby picture to bring to a party so a bunch of girls I have just met can try to pick which one is mine. Don’t make your guests do any work – it is supposed to be a party. And at a baby shower – the only baby(ies) that should be celebrated are those waiting to be born or adopted by the mother-to-be being honored.

Baby Shower Game #8 – Taste the baby food and try to guess what sort of fruits and vegetables it is made from. When I go to a shower I expect a lovely afternoon tea or delightful luncheon, or maybe just a yummy cupcake and glass of champagne. I do not want to eat baby food. Nobody does.

Baby Shower Game #9 – Don’t say ‘Baby’! – In this game you give every guest a handful of baby pins when they arrive and anytime they hear someone utter the word ‘baby’ they get to pin one of these baby pins on the culprit’s top. First of all, I don’t want to carry around a bunch of baby pins all afternoon, and I really don’t want a bunch of pin holes in the gorgeous new silk dress I bought for the party. On top of that – it is a baby shower – just let everyone talk about babies!

Unique Baby Shower Activity Ideas

There have been a few baby showers that I have been to that have incorporated creative activities that were actually a lot of fun. The guests got to mingle, get their creative juices flowing and create some wonderful gifts for the mommy-to-be.

Baby Shower Activity #1 – Scrapbooking a baby book. My best friend Nicole and I do not make any scrapbooks. We are lucky if we get the photos off of our cameras and onto the computer – let alone print out actual pictures. Nicole’s sister loves to make scrapbooks and she set up a huge table of pages with all of the fixings. Any time during the party you could pop in the room and make a page or a few pages for the baby book. End result, Nicole had a really cute baby book made by all of her best friends. When her daughter arrived, all she needed to do is pop in the photos.

Baby Shower Activity #2 – Paint Baby Onesies. You simply set up a table with some blank baby onesies and some fabric paint and let your guests get creative. It is good to have a few simple examples so that your non-creative guests don’t feel too much pressure. Buy the onesies in a few different sizes so she will have special baby clothes made by her best friends for many months to come.

Baby Shower Activity #3 – Mommy Wisdom Book or Mommy Tip Books – This one is very simple. All you need is a pretty journal. You can place it next to a comfortable chair with a selection of pens. When your guests arrive, ask them to spend 5 minutes at some time during the party to write down some tips for the new mom. You can also pass the book around during the gift opening to ensure everyone fills in something.

baby-onesie-mommy loves

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Order some adorable Sweet Peas & Stilettos baby onesies for the chic mom-be-be. Your gift will be the hit of the party! There are a number of cute designs and colors to choose from.

I hope all of these resources help you throw a fabulous and super special baby shower!

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