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Bachelor Jake – Episode 2

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

bachelor jake

I really don’t understand all of the crying… Shouldn’t the girls be happy that that woman is gone – one less girl to ‘compete’ with? Anyhow, Ali (the one he went on the one on one date with) seems very nice and normal. My mom even called during the show to leave a message about how much she liked her too. I just hope that our squeaky clean bachelor does not turn out to be like a very famous golfer we know…

Hanna Andersson PJ’s

Monday, January 11th, 2010


I am kind of picky about my son’s pj’s.  I have seen so many synthetic pajamas in stores and they kind of gross me out. We are huge fans of these striped long johns from Hanna Andersson.  They wash great, they are soft and come in so many fun colors. Sometimes my son wears them out on the town too. I must admit he looks pretty cute when he wears them with his fireman rain boots. Hanna Andersson – Quality, Swedish-Inspired Clothing for Kids & Babies.

Hanna Andersson

Richard Scarry Books

Monday, January 11th, 2010

richard scarry book

My son recently received a few Richard Scarry books (thanks to Becky & Juno & the Rothman family!) and we can’t put them down. He takes the books with him everywhere we go and is completely captivated by Richard Scarry’s wonderful illustrations. I think I love them just as much as he does because they bring back so many great childhood memories.

Bachelor Jake – Episode 1

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

bachelor jake

Do you remember Bachelor Bob from way back in 2003 when Trista was the bachelorette?  I had my 17 seconds of fame during ‘The Bachelorette – The Men Tell All’ (my friend got tickets for a bunch of us to go to the taping for my actual bachelorette party).  I had my big close up and said “We love you Bob, you’re our favorite bachelor,” and then proceeded to ask him some question that I don’t remember.  I do remember the cheers from all of the girls in the crowd when I professed our group love for him and of course his great sense of humor.  I also remember how many people came up to me at the office the next day telling me they saw me on TV (of course it was the people you would least expect to be watching the show or admitting they watched it). Though I told about 20 million people I loved Bob – I  got married a week later to someone else. Of course I watched The Bachelor tonight with Bachelor Jake and am very excited for the season ahead. My one guilty pleasure…

Tsukihoshi Shoes for Kids

Monday, January 4th, 2010

tsukihoshi shoes

Many months ago my friend Helen (San Francisco based attorney & mom of 3 very stylish kids) told me about Tsukihoshi shoes.  We were at a birthday party in Palo Alto and her daughters were wearing them and they were super cute.  Helen said the best part was that you could throw them in the washing machine.  I finally bought a pair for my son a week ago and to my surprise, he won’t take them off. It is impossible to find shoes he’ll wear that aren’t Crocs (don’t get me wrong – we love our Crocs) or his fireman rain boots.  They’ve got them at Kid’s Shoes. Click here for more great clothes & shoes for kids.