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Happy Mother’s Day

Monday, May 10th, 2010

I hope all the mommies out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. My son who is usually the super sleeper on weekends decided to wake me up at 6am.  Ugghhh… We had a lovely lunch at the Cool Café at the Stanford Museum – except when my son was screaming on the floor that he wanted to go home and when he sprayed beet soup all over the table.  After that adventure, we went to the Stanford Shopping Center so I could show my husband the Chanel bag I’ve had my eye on in case he had any reason to buy me a gift. In J. Crew my son sang as loud as he could as he entered the store and then proceeded to hide under the display table while yelling, “come find me mommy!”  I then tried to lure them into Louis Vuitton but my son turned right around and bolted as fast as he could. He would have no part of it.  Three strikes – I was out. Luckily there was a Sprinkles Cupcake waiting for me around the corner…

Rock Your Tutu

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Unleash our inner Carrie Bradshaw…you finally have an excuse to wear a tutu! Classic Kids Photography has launched their 1st Annual ‘Rock Your Tutu’ Event. During the month of May they will be shooting mini tutu photo sessions and 100% of the session fees ($125 for one tutu clad model, additional fees for extra photo subjects) will go directly to St. Jude. Check out the Classic Kids website for more details and location information. If you have a daughter, a niece, a neighbor or a friend who is feeling a little sassy and ready to get in front of the camera, use this as a wonderful excuse to help support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. If you are in the giving spirit, here are more organizations supporting children’s health, homeless children, and education.


Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

I love cupcakes. I know I am not alone. The last cupcake I ate was from Sprinkles Cupcakes (pictured above) and boy was it good. I just added a new page all about cupcakes and I will certainly be adding to it as I find more great websites, resources, recipes and cupcake shops for all of us.  Enjoy!

Eco-Friendly Gifts for All Occasions

Kimchi Blue

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

I bought these adorable Kimchi Blue shoes online from Urban Outfitters and they just arrived at my doorstep.  They are super cute.  I got them in a fantastic bright pink color and in grey too. They also have them in black.  The best part of all is that they are only $58 so you can justify getting them in every color… I’ve got lots more cute shoes to look at if you want to…

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