Specialty’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

A warm cookie right out of the oven from Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery is bliss. They are one of my favorite things about San Francisco. They are the reason I loved working in Seattle. I was completely overjoyed when they opened up closer to my home and with their super cool online ‘warm cookie radar’ you know exactly when cookies are coming out of the oven. Last week my husband surprised me with a box of Specialty’s chocolate chip cookie mix. I was in heaven. I had no idea that I would get to make my favorite cookies in my very own oven. I must tell you that these cookies were amazing, and I don’t even have a super fancy oven or anything. The dough is out of this world too!  Now everyone can enjoy these yummy treasures. They will ship the mix anywhere so order some today. You won’t be disappointed! Here are more chocolate and foodie things if you are hungry now…

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