Race to Nowhere Screenings

Today was the first day of preschool for my son. He loves it and didn’t want to leave. As a three year old I think I can genuinely say that I just want him to be happy and enjoy going to school. I want him to laugh and play with his friends and come home smiling every day. I already have close friends who have hired ‘toddler coaches’ and others who take their kids to pre-reading tutors so they can get a leg up before kindergarten. There are also the moms who are shuttling their children to two different preschools so their kids can get exposure to different teaching styles and ways of learning. Other kids are already signed up for golf and tennis. I am already beginning to feel the pressure – am I doing enough? When will the chaos and competition begin? Or has it begun already…

I live in Silicon Valley and everyone around us has a graduate degree of some sort and they are working for some of the most innovative companies in the world. Everyone wants their kids to do well and get in to the best schools, but at what cost?

Race to Nowhere, a film by Vicki Abeles, is screening in Los Angeles and New York for one week starting September 10th. There will be additional screenings around the country later this year. Now may be the perfect time for parents to go check out the film and think about their children’s lives as they embark on a new school year. Personally, I think I will opt for the swing set over flash cards this fall…

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