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The Adventures of Polo | Regis Faller | Sweet Peas & Stilettos
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Bienvenue Chez Polo!


Friday’s book review by Susan Fry – it’s all about Polo:

In high school, my favorite part of French class was reading The Little Prince and The Adventures of Tintin.

Tintin was manga before manga was cool – the rip-roaring adventures of a young Belgium reporter and his faithful dog, Snowy, told in lovely cartoons with densely-inked words. Tintin’s travels ranged from the Arctic Circle to the Congo, and the plots often veered into the whimsical or the darkly supernatural.

The Little Prince, on the other hand, expressed a deeply emotional philosophy in a few simple pages, with deceptively simple drawings of a young boy living on a tiny planet.

Both are too old for young children. But if you’re eager to pass on some aspect of their fanciful outlook, humor, and adventure to your kids, welcome to the world of Polo.

Régis Faller’s series follow the travels of a cheerful little dog named Polo. Polo lives in a house carved out of the trunk of a big tree. Most of the stories begin with Polo poking his head outside his door and gleefully following whatever opportunities open up for him. His voyages take on a logic all their own. He balances on a tight rope that changes into a stairway that leads to a moving cloud. He hops on the cloud for a ride, scooping up part of it for a snack. Or he uses a crayon he finds in a treasure chest to draw a doorway that leads to a forest, where he meets a dragon.

On every trip, Polo makes new friends, from a snowman to an alien, a pelican to a wise man. The stories end when he brings them home to his tree house.

Faller’s pictures have the same slightly wobbly lines as The Little Prince, as if a child has drawn them. But Polo’s colors are brighter than The Little Prince, strong, rich primary colors that pop even from across a room.

And did I mention that the books are wordless? You don’t need to read French – or even to read at all – to love them. And when you become as addicted as my children and I are, you can even order the books that aren’t yet available in the U.S. from Amazon.co.uk without having to worry about translations!

The Adventures of Polo

Polo and Lily

Polo and the Dragon

Polo: The Runaway Book

Polo and the Magic Flute

Polo and the Magician!

From Amazon.co.uk:

Polo: A la Recherche de Lili

Polo et L’etoile Magique

Susan Fry is a writer and mother in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s written for Stanford Magazine, salon, the San Jose Mercury News, and many other publications. You will find links to all of her children’s book reviews on our Toys & Books page.

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