Newport Cottages Cribs


Color color color! I love the idea of colorful cribs in nurseries and Newport Cottages has an endless rainbow of colors to choose from. A bright crib is a simple way to add delightful cheer to any child’s bedroom. It is easy to go with a basic white or neutral wood color for your crib, but these fabulous colors will add a bold burst of color. Above you will find Newport Cottages Hamptons Crib. You don’t have to have a house in the Hamptons to let your baby sleep there!


The colorful Newport Cottages Cape Cod Crib is also very traditional in its design but the bold color gives it a perfect pop in any nursery. You can keep the walls and floors neutral and let the furniture be the added spice.


If you prefer more of a modern look, check out this Newport Cottages Cody Crib. What I love about this crib is you get to choose both the main and contrasting colors so your options are endless.

Check out the entire Newport Cottages Collection at Layla Grayce. There are tons and tons of colors to choose from. And guess what… Layla Grace offers FREE shipping on the entire Newport Cottages Collection (much better than finding out about a hidden $150 shipping charge at checkout!).

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