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Tiny Prints Cyber Monday Deals

Sunday, November 25th, 2012


It is the start of Tiny Prints week at Sweet Peas & Stilettos and I can promise you it is going to be an amazing one. There are awesome daily deals every day this week and you will also be able to save on your Christmas cards & holiday party invitations.  I am so excited to get tons of my holiday shopping done at Tiny Prints and I hope you are able to stock up and save a bundle too.

Today is CYBER MONDAY and to celebrate Tiny Prints is offering 30% OFF SITEWIDE. You heard it here – the sale is not just on a few random things you would never want (don’t you hate that?!?!) but they are telling me it is sitewide so that means everything and there is no minimum purchase required. The Tiny Prints Cyber Monday promo code is: CB12. And guess what – you have both Monday & Tuesday to shop for personalized gifts, photo gifts, stationery, Christmas cards and so much more. Got to love the extra day of savings!

UPDATE: Even thought I was told this was a sitewide sale on everything I do think there are a few items excluded like Erin Condren planners and other things. At a minimum you should be able to save on all of your holiday orders.

Minted’s Black Friday Sale

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012


Looking for a great deal on holiday cards on Black Friday? Minted has such a fabulous collection of holiday cards and today they are all on SALE. I know you are super busy, so I am just going to cut to the chase. Here’s the scoop:

SAVE 15% off Holiday Card orders of $100+ with promo code FRIDAY15

SAVE 20% off Holiday Card orders of $150+ with promo code FRIDAY20

Happy Saving!!

ModCloth Party Dresses

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012


Party season is here! Now it is time to find the perfect party dress. I have a new favorite shopping spot, ModCloth, and they have so many beautiful dresses to choose from. Personally I like to find dresses that I can wear to all sorts of events.  Swap out the shoes, add a jean jacket or leather jacket, try different colored tights, wrap a cool scarf around your neck – there are so many to switch things up. I love both of these Tracey Reese dresses – they are both so so so pretty! Pictured above is Tracey Reese’s Orchestral Arrangement Dress and below is Tracey Reese’s beautiful Night of Passage dress.


The ModCloth ‘Tis The Season Sale started today and runs through 11/25/12. The ModCloth ‘Tis The Season Sale is an amazing opportunity to save on 100s of brand new styles. Many of them are up to 50% off! They also offer FREE US shipping on sales over $50 + free returns too. You can stock up on holiday styles and Christmas gifts galore.

Fancy Paper & Scissors

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012


I was carpooling to school the other day with a few kids and watched one of the boys totally entranced with a piece of paper and a pair of scissors. It instantly reminded me of that kid’s really do love the simple things. We don’t need iPads and computer games and RC vehicles to keep kids enthralled and amused. All it took was a simple piece of paper and a pair of yellow plastic child proof scissors. Every one else in the car wanted to see his inventive creations. When I logged in later that night and popped over to The Land of Nod, I knew I had found some perfect birthday party gifts and stocking stuffers. They had the perfect balance of keeping it simple but making it super cool.

Over at The Land of Nod I found these Kids Crafts: Play Paper Snowflakes (a.k.a. sheets of fancy paper) and these cool Kids Arts: Fancy Half Circle Zig Zag Scissors. These will be great for my son’s art table and I am going to stock up because I know they will make great birthday gifts for boys and girls alike. My son is in kindergarten now and loves cutting paper into various shapes. If I am going to have little scraps all over the floor, I figure they might as well be cute and colorful. So come join me and stock up on some new art supplies today.

Deux Lux

Monday, November 19th, 2012


I am always on the lookout for pouches that I can use to carry around all sorts of little things. Every once in a while I find one that should be used as a clutch and not be hidden in my big ‘ol bag. This Deux Lux Callie Pouch is just one of those practical little pouches. I just love it. It is available in three cool color combinations – each one more vibrant than the next. These perfect pops of color will brighten up your winter blacks and greys any day.


This Lucky Wristlet is also a fabulous choice. It is ideal for those holiday parties when you are carrying a champagne glass in one hand, an hors d’oeuvres plate in the other, while at the same time you are trying to show the hostess an adorable picture of your kids on your iPhone and holding onto your party clutch…. Acckck! I know you’ve been there…. This pretty wristlet is available in six colors and can keep your hands free all night long.

And they are all on sale right now and priced perfectly for those last minute holiday gifts. Cheers!

Sperry Kids Glitter Shoes

Friday, November 16th, 2012


This original just got fancy! I am always on the look out for glittery shoes. I can’t help it – I just like things that sparkle. Now I just need a reason to buy these silver glitter classic Sperry Kids Top-Siders just for toddlers & kids. I am having a major flashback to high school (Was that when we wore those dark brown Sperry Top-Siders to school?? Did you tie those funny knots on yours too? It was all so long ago….). These actually make great shoes for kids because they are easy to slip on, that ‘boat shoe’ rubber bottom keeps the kids from slipping and of course what little girl isn’t going to love a little glitter on her feet? These could make really fun shoes for the holidays. And yes – they are on sale & FREE shipping too!

Win $1000!

Monday, November 12th, 2012


As most Sweet Peas & Stilettos’ readers know – I am a huge huge huge fan of Minted. They have added so much to their site in the last year beyond stationery including fabulous art prints and party decor. Their latest creative offering is a growing collection of inspiration boards. Now you can be an artist and share your inspiration with everyone. As a little incentive to get us all to give it a try, they have a fun little contest going on. Someone is going to win $1000 to spend on Minted – it might as well be one of us!Here is the scoop:

Make.  Create an inspiration board inspired by one of Minted’s Holiday Cards.

Share. Once you’ve created your inspiration board just embed in to your blog to share. If you don’t have a blog or site, I can post it here on Sweet Peas & Stilettos for you.

Win. They’ll be selecting three winners on Sunday November 18th and each winner will $200 worth of Minted credit. All entries will also be eligible for the $1,000 Minted gift certificate grand prize!

Check out full details at Minted’s Inspiration Board Challenge  Go for it and give it a try- I think it is going to be your lucky day.


Layla Grace Relaunched

Friday, November 9th, 2012


One of my favorite online shopping destinations has just gotten a little facelift & tummy tuck of sorts, just in time for the holidays. Layla Grace is a fabulous place to shop for holiday gifts and also happens to be a great place to pick up little treasures for yourself. Layla Grayce recently launched their newly redesigned website so now it is better than ever. They’ve added some new bells and whistles like customer reviews and a brand new design board, where you can mix and match different products and perfect your look before you purchase. You simply drag the product over to this little widget on the side of the screen. You can also create your own ‘I love this’ list which comes in super handy when you are picking out Christmas presents.  Luckily they have kept their great mix of products in every price range – from furniture & decor to table top, baby items, personalized gifts and more. Be sure to visit the newly designed Layla Grayce website today and get a head start on your holiday shopping.


Tea Collection Party Dresses

Thursday, November 8th, 2012


Whether you are shopping for a cute outfit for your kids to wear in your family photo Christmas card or you want to pick out something for upcoming holiday parties, time and again I always tell moms to start at Tea Collection. Your children don’t have to look like Christmas tree ornaments to look adorable for the holidays. The main thing is that they actually look like children. Don’t you agree? And if your kids are comfortable, they are more likely to be happy (less complaining about the velvet sleeves), which will in turn make for a better day for mom. Cheers to that!


Nobody combines colors in such a creative and fun way as Tea Collection. Their prints are bold and bright, but in a very subdued way – does that make sense? Your kids can wear festive colors and look vibrant without wearing a neon sign. And these colors always look great in photographs so if you are trying to pick out some great holiday clothes for your Christmas picture, Tea is the place to shop.

Being half Swedish I am very excited that Tea Collection Fall 2012 collection was inspired by the people and cultures of  Scandinavia. Check out their wonderful Nordic Design story boards to see more.

Rockin’ Baby Slings

Monday, November 5th, 2012


Look at all of these beautiful mommies! I have always been a huge fan of the ‘one-for-one’ idea. You buy one of something and the company will donate one to somebody in need. We have seen it be so successful with TOMS and Warby Parker and now Rockin’ Baby Slings has joined the wave.

The company and its mission is spearheaded by mother of 5, Kathryn Wiley. If you purchase one of their cotton baby carriers they will donate one to a parent in need. The moms pictured above are in Haiti where Rockin’ Baby has been focusing their efforts after learning that Haiti has the highest infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. As part of their ‘mother-to-mother’ mission, not only do they provide baby carriers, they also provide education. Rockin’ Baby educates mothers on the impact as sling can have on their lives. “In addition to making it easier to nurture and love, as well as bond and breastfeed, these slings will allow mothers to continue to gather food and water for their families. As the attachment of a mother and her infant could be a matter of survival, education and slings will impact this need dramatically.”


I am so impressed by Kathryn and her growing company. It is always so cool to see a busy mom venture out into entrepreneurship and wonderful that she has made giving back such a core part of her company.