Want to get a fresh start to your fitness routine this year? It is time to embrace the magic of technology and all it can do to help each and every one of us get fit and feel fabulous. Counting calories and tracking your fitness goals has never been easier or more addictive. Fitbit tracks the calories you are burning, the steps you are taking, the flights you are climbing and so much more. Fitbit even has graphs, charts, and tools designed to help you track your progress and understand your health and fitness. Make it a game and challenge and encourage your friends and family through the fun interactive features of Fitbit.

I have a number of friends who have been wearing their Fitbits daily for awhile now and they love love love them! They are so small and just clip on to your pants or wrist or anywhere. They love being able to track their daily activity and to sync everything up on- line and feel like they have control of their health and the progress they are making towards their goals. There is even a Fitbit app so you can use your phone to track your eating and a Fitbit scale too!

My friend’s 7 year old son wears his Fitbit Zip everywhere and gets so excited to see how many steps he takes every day. What a simple way to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle! My husband, son and I are each going to get our own so we can all get healthier together in the new year. Join us!

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