Baby Planners

What do you think about baby planners and baby coordinators? I did not use one (I don’t even think I knew the service existed back then) but I have been doing a little research on the topic and have a whole page dedicated to the topic. The one thing I have learned is that baby planners and coordinators are not all created equal. The companies vary greatly in the services they provide. Do your research first to find someone that really caters to your needs. All I know is that when you are pregnant – you want all the help you can get. What is great about working with a pro is that you can focus on the fun stuff (you get to decide what is fun and let someone else do the rest) and just enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible. If you are having a difficult pregnancy or are working like crazy up until the day before you give birth (that was me!) a baby planner may really come in handy to help you prepare for your baby’s arrival. Little Miracles is one of many members of the International Baby Planner Association. I picked them for this posting because I thought they had a very cute logo. If you want to learn more about becoming an accredited baby planner, check out the IBPA site.

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