Wet to the Bone

Friday night my husband and I decide to go out to dinner with our son. Taking our 3 year old out to dinner at 8pm on a Friday night usually falls into one of two categories – sheer bliss (he is asleep through the whole meal) or utter hell (he is under the table, spilling water all over, hiding in the kitchen or running laps around the place). I was totally thrilled that he quickly opted to fall asleep in my lap after a few helpings of guacamole. Considering my son was likely 25 years younger than any other patron in the establishment – it was a good very good thing.

After my absolutely wonderful dinner and half way through my equally delicious margarita I felt my leg getting warm…then it was wet…then it was soaked. He had unloaded every last ounce of liquid in his body and it had now completely saturated my most favorite pair of jeans.  I was at a complete loss at what to do. I decided to remain focused on the fact that my son was still blissfully asleep and I was out of the house, enjoying a great night out. While contemplating whether it was worse to be covered in pee or chasing a 3 year old around a restaurant all night long,  I finished every last ounce of my margarita. A huge thank you to the staff at Casa de Cobre in Saratoga for assisting me when I finally accepted the truth that my son was dreaming, but not me…

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