Nowhere Hair

Like millions people all over the world, my family has been devastated by cancer. My father is a two time survivor (go daddy!), but sadly I lost both of my grandmothers to the disease.  The thought of having to watch my son battle cancer is my worst nightmare, but it would be devastating to have him watch me suffer (and fight it) as well.

Nowhere Hair is an absolutely adorable new book from Sue Glader and illustrated by Edith Buenen. “The little girl in Nowhere Hair knows one thing: her mother’s hair is missing. In trying to solve that mystery, the story reveals that her mother, although going through cancer treatment, is still silly, attentive, fashionable, happy, and yes, sometimes very tired and cranky. Nowhere Hair helps prepare young ones for living with someone going through chemotherapy. It addresses a child’s guilt, fear, sadness and anxiety with a light touch. But it is a children’s book after all. It is silly and fun and upbeat and involves many crazy hats and a strikingly cool-looking bald woman. What elevates this from a book simply about cancer to something worthwhile for all children is the underlying and clear theme of being kind to those that might look different than you, and realizing that what is inside of us is far more important than how we look on the outside.”

If you know a chic modern mommy who is going through chemotherapy, particularly one with children aged 3-7, this is a perfect book to buy for her. Let’s all send our best wishes to Sue and all of the cancer survivors out there and to all of the children who have lost their parents to the disease.

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