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Juice Beauty

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011


JUICE is no longer about watered down apple juice in a pink sippy cup – it is all about BEAUTY.

Spring is the season to quench your thirsty soul and finally get the healthy radiant skin you deserve. Your body absorbs over 60% of what you slather on it – so why not make sure your lotions and potions are pure, safe and organic. Juice Beauty was launched by a business savvy mom who is passionate about organic living. She and her team are committed to putting the healthiest, most effective ingredients into all of their fabulous organic beauty products and equally luxurious organic skin care. Let you skin drink in these healthy nutrients, and in no time at all it will feel great and look even better. It is time for all of us to get rid of all of the yucky chemicals on our bathroom counter and remember that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat.

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Blemish Clearing Serum – The sweet and delicious combination of certified organic apple, lemon and raw cane sugar are blended with white willow bark and coenzyme Q10 and Voila! A fresher, radiant complexion awaits you. This powerful hydroxy-acid complex will improve your skin’s tone and texture too. I know we all thought our ‘little blemishes’ would have left us long along with those high school crushes – but alas they come back!

And for those of you with older kids – this is perfect product to use to introduce your teens to organic skincare. Teach them to make the right decisions from an early age.

My personal recommendation to all teenagers – just say NO to baby oil and YES to Juice Beauty!


Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer – I have always believed that the most important beauty product is a great moisturizer. Top of my list is anything with “advanced age defying results.” I need all the help I can get! Juice Beauty’s proprietary blend of fruit stem cells deeply penetrates the skin to repair DNA damage and encourage new cell growth to aggressively firm and eliminate wrinkles. Antioxidant-rich fruit juices, Vitamin C and plant oils will hydrate and improve your skin’s elasticity too.


SWEET DEAL: Use the code PEAS before April 6th when you check out at and you’ll get a free, full-size Organic Facial Moisture Concentrate ($36 value!).

Please note: This is a sponsored post from a Sweet Peas & Stilettos featured *Go Green* company.

Easter & Spring Favorites

Monday, March 28th, 2011


I just posted the Sweet Peas & Stilettos list of Top Items for Easter & Spring….. Check out this adorable cardigan from Kate Spade and 14 other favorites.

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The Perfect Umbrella

Saturday, March 26th, 2011


I don’t know where you are in the world…but I am here in Northern California and it has been raining and raining and raining. Don’t get me wrong – I actually love the rain. We have a big yard so I love all of the free water. I love that my plants are thriving and happy. What I don’t like is getting wet. I also have a 4 year old who requires a whole new outfit if a drop of water gets on him. Ugghhh…. So…I have to have a great umbrella. I need a big one that will keep us both dry. My friends recently introduced me to Davek – home of the perfect umbrella. Looks like a great solution to me! I know I am not the only mom who has to keep more than one person dry…

Books On Death for Kids

Friday, March 25th, 2011

where-are-you-a childs-book-about-loss

Susan’s latest book reviews come from her heart. She has been through a lot in the last few weeks and I am inspired by her strength. These books will be great resources for anyone dealing with the loss of a family member or friend. Big hugs to Susan and her family!

I was hoping I’d never need to write this entry.  But we recently had an unexpected death in my family.  I was especially saddened to see how difficult the experience was for my children – for the first time, they had to face everything from the grand, unanswerable mysteries surrounding death down to the simplest dilemma, such as what to do at a funeral.

While philosophies about death are intensely personal, I was relieved to find a few books that address issues from the metaphysical to the practical in sensitive, mostly secular ways.  Adults who are grieving may find it difficult to read these books out loud.  But as all the books close on a note of hope, they may be comforting to grownups and kids alike.

Where Are You? A Child’s Book About Loss, by Laura Olivieri, illustrated by Kristin Elder.  For younger children, this book describes the feelings a boy has after a death, in simple sentences that comfort without sugarcoating raw emotion.  “I look at your picture and your blue shirt in the closet.  But you are not here.  I miss you.”  The explorations of an afterlife don’t come to a pat conclusion or deny the sense of loss – “Maybe you are a raindrop that fell into a cool blue ocean.  But I can’t touch you.”  But the book ends with the child drawing pictures and remembering happy times:  “I remember you.  So you are right here.”

I Miss You: A First Look At Death, by Pat Thomas.  I cannot say enough good things about this book.  It’s a matter-of-fact, yet gentle, guide to the weeks following a death.  It opens with a description of death that is both philosophical and concrete:  “Death is a natural part of life.  All living things grow, change, and eventually die.  When someone dies, their body stops working – they stop breathing and their heart stops beating.”  The book’s pictures show a little girl dealing with the death of her grandmother, from what happens at the funeral, to feelings she (and the readers) may have afterwards.  It even addresses children who may feel alone because the people around them don’t know how to help.  The book ends by reminding children that they can help keep the memory of people they love alive.

The Spirit of Tio Fernando: A Day of the Dead Story, by Janice Levy.  For slightly older children, this book follows Nando as he and his mother prepare for a Day of the Dead celebration to remember his favorite uncle, Fernando.  Nando is named for his uncle, and he resembles him in many ways, even down to the shape of his toes.  Nando remembers all the good things about his uncle as he and his mother cook, walk through the town’s festivities, and visit the graveyard.  In the end, although he’s still sad, Nando realizes that his uncle is present – in himself.  The book concentrates more on the role of a community and a ceremony in grieving and healing, and less on the question about what happens after death.

Beyond the Ridge, by Paul Goble.  For older children, this book explores a grandmother’s death both from her point of view and from the point of view of her family.  The book draws on Native American traditions, and the illustrations have a lovely, spare Southwestern feel.  As the old woman lies dying, surrounded by her family, she hears a voice saying, “’Get up!  They want you over there.  Your mother is calling you.’”  Even though the dying woman hears her family weeping, she leaves her body and walks away.  She climbs up a hill and over a ridge, where she sees a beautiful land and all the people she has known who have died.  Her family, meanwhile, mourn her death even while they know that “Death seems like the end, but it is not.  The body goes back to the earth, but the spirit lives forever.”  You may decide to omit certain religious lines if you’re reading out loud, but I found the description of the grandmother’s voyage immensely moving.

Susan Fry is a writer and mother in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s written for Stanford Magazine, salon, the San Jose Mercury News, and many other publications. You will find links to all of her children’s book reviews on our Toys & Books page.

Elizabeth Taylor

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011


As many of you have already read or heard today, Elizabeth Taylor has died. It is so sad for her family and friends. Obviously she was a huge huge star and will be forever remembered for her many passionate love affairs, her incredible support and dedication for raising money for AIDS research, and of course her acting prowess and star power. Personally, I will remember her love of jewelry. Many years back I purchased Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry. I love this book. It was actually the inspiration for me to write Sole Searching. I loved reading the fabulous stories behind her amazing jewelry collection and thought it would be fun to capture the stories behind my shoe collection. Of course I will pull Elizabeth Taylor’s wonderful book off the book shelf and place it on the top of the coffee table in the living room to pay homage to her. Maybe we should all buy ourselves a little bling in remembrance.

Clementine Art

Monday, March 21st, 2011


This weekend I was at Whole Foods Market with my family. In an effort to keep my son from touching every last olive and cheese wedge and lemon and cookie and loaf of bread…(and yes to stop licking the glass between him and the rainbow cupcakes too!) I took him over to the little toy department and let my husband shop for our groceries. That is where I fell in love with Clementine Art. Yes – I am a total sucker for fabulous packaging and their boxes are sheer, simple perfection.


I came home and  immediately read all about Clementine Art and just fell in love even more. These healthy, green, responsibly sourced, all natural art supplies will encourage creativity in every little budding Rothko. What could be better? Everything is made from natural, wholesome ingredients and they use recycled and reusable products wherever they can. You can buy their products online right from their website or from Amazon too.


Lucky Magazine Kids

Friday, March 18th, 2011


I have LOVED Lucky magazine from the very beginning – just loved it. I use the little stickers and flag all of my favorites each and every month. Needless to say I was super excited to see that they were launching Lucky Kids….it will certainly help heal my wounds from the sad sad loss of Cookie magazine. I totally love the first issue and am already looking forward to the next one. As a complete magazine junkie, I ask for your support in keeping the printed word in print. Buy magazines….we need them…at least I do….and they hardly cost a thing…sit on the couch…flip, flip, flip…

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Belli Skincare & March of Dimes

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011


Help give all babies a healthy start and support the March of Dimes. I wanted to let everyone know about a wonderful promotion going on right now at Belli – the makers of top-of-the-line, super duper safe skin care products especially designed for moms-to-be, babies, and mommies.

Here is the scoop: Now through March 21st (the day before my wedding anniversary – in case you see my husband you can remind him!), when you shop a portion of the proceeds will go to the March for Babies. In addition, if you spend $100 or more you will get to pick a complimentary Belli Duo set (and not just a few .5 ounce bottles – real products valued between $19 – $40!) as a special thank you from Belli. Treat yourself to some amazing products, pick out a little something for your best friend, and help support a great cause too. Sounds like a perfect online shopping trip to me….


Home Decorating with Your Kids

Monday, March 14th, 2011

I want to start off by thanking friends and fans for selecting Sweet Peas & Stilettos as one of the Top 3 Creative Mom Sites on Circle of Moms. It is a huge honor and I am totally giddy about it.

Maybe it is the 25 years of private school but I immediately went to the dictionary to find the true definition of ‘creative’. When I looked it up I found things like ‘originality of thought’, ‘showing imagination’ and ‘sophisticated bending of the rules or conventions’. They asked me to share a favorite creative activity and I paused to think about it. So many people compliment me on my very eclectic home so I thought I would share some home decorating ideas. These are all fun things you can do with your kids too.

3 tiered dessert stand for jewelry

Dessert stands don’t have to be used for dessert! This is a great 3 tiered stand that is actually covered with glitter. If you find one at an antique store (or grandma’s closet) just spray paint it and sprinkle on a little glitter. I use mine for jewelry. Your child can help you curl up your necklaces like little cupcakes and line the trays. Up top you can add bangles and earrings too. Your dresser has never looked so good.


I always wanted my living room to be ‘livable’ and not just a show room. Many of my friends were too scared to walk into my parents’ living room when I was growing up because they were afraid they would break something. I have taken a very eclectic approach and I let my son help me. We both picked out our very favorite things and every table has a colorful combination of eclectic objects, special frames, priceless photos, pretty art and funky toys. I love to mix Lalique glass with my son’s pottery and artwork from all over the world with my son’s little masterpieces. Our living room has become a very special place for every member of the family.

ikea drapes

Did you ever think a 4 year-old boy would be picking out your kitchen curtains from the bedding department? My old silver shutters were dirty and dull and I was ready for a change. My son and I went to Ikea to look at fabrics and to peruse their window coverings. I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. We were on our way out when my son darted away and started bouncing on the faux display beds, hiding under the covers and tossing pillows my way. Then he grabbed this bedspread and said, “mommy, let’s get this,” and just threw it in the cart. He was on to something – this bedspread would make fantastic curtains! Thanks to my dear friend Liz (and seamstress extraordinaire) I have these cool 6 panel shades made from a $19 Ikea duvet cover. I love them! I have one person to thank – my 4 year-old son for looking in the bedding department for curtains.


It is perfectly okay to let your children pick out the paint color for your front doors. They are nothing but wood….and besides, a little color never hurt anyone…

my shoe rack

Of course as the creator of Sweet Peas & Stilettos, I will tell you to throw out your black flats and go crazy with color on your feet. Every mom deserves a fabulous shoe collection. You also need to be able to see your shoes! Think of them as art – not sweatpants that need to be tucked away in your closet. Find an empty wall and put up a shoe rack. For the last 15 years or so I have always used a wall of my home for shoes. It is practical because I actually get to see my shoes when I am getting dressed. It is also a colorful way to dress up and decorate my walls too.

Wishing you and your family lots of luck as you explore, love, live and create while you make your wonderful house a home.

The Lovie Project

Friday, March 11th, 2011


Sometimes I feel like I have 3 children – my son Carl and George & Baby George. George is a stuffed Curious George who long ago lost his shirt and has only 1/2 of his left ear. He has been my son’s constant companion since birth. Baby George came into our lives about 2 years ago – another monkey, who is equally battered and bruised but loved more than one could imagine. Wherever we go, all 3 of ‘my boys’ come with us. They are part of the family. I can’t imagine what we would do if we ever lost George or Baby George….

Does your child also have a ‘lovie’ or constant stuffed companion? Classic Kids Photography has a wonderful promotion going on to collect lovies for children living in homeless shelters. If you bring in a new lovie (or two!!) for a child in need, you can get a free photo session for your son or daughter’s lovie. You will bring a huge smile to a child and create some fabulous art for your home. Please visit the Classic Kids Photography website for location information. I will be booking my appointment this weekend!

photo credit: Classic KidsPhotography