Home Decorating with Your Kids

I want to start off by thanking friends and fans for selecting Sweet Peas & Stilettos as one of the Top 3 Creative Mom Sites on Circle of Moms. It is a huge honor and I am totally giddy about it.

Maybe it is the 25 years of private school but I immediately went to the dictionary to find the true definition of ‘creative’. When I looked it up I found things like ‘originality of thought’, ‘showing imagination’ and ‘sophisticated bending of the rules or conventions’. They asked me to share a favorite creative activity and I paused to think about it. So many people compliment me on my very eclectic home so I thought I would share some home decorating ideas. These are all fun things you can do with your kids too.

3 tiered dessert stand for jewelry

Dessert stands don’t have to be used for dessert! This is a great 3 tiered stand that is actually covered with glitter. If you find one at an antique store (or grandma’s closet) just spray paint it and sprinkle on a little glitter. I use mine for jewelry. Your child can help you curl up your necklaces like little cupcakes and line the trays. Up top you can add bangles and earrings too. Your dresser has never looked so good.


I always wanted my living room to be ‘livable’ and not just a show room. Many of my friends were too scared to walk into my parents’ living room when I was growing up because they were afraid they would break something. I have taken a very eclectic approach and I let my son help me. We both picked out our very favorite things and every table has a colorful combination of eclectic objects, special frames, priceless photos, pretty art and funky toys. I love to mix Lalique glass with my son’s pottery and artwork from all over the world with my son’s little masterpieces. Our living room has become a very special place for every member of the family.

ikea drapes

Did you ever think a 4 year-old boy would be picking out your kitchen curtains from the bedding department? My old silver shutters were dirty and dull and I was ready for a change. My son and I went to Ikea to look at fabrics and to peruse their window coverings. I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. We were on our way out when my son darted away and started bouncing on the faux display beds, hiding under the covers and tossing pillows my way. Then he grabbed this bedspread and said, “mommy, let’s get this,” and just threw it in the cart. He was on to something – this bedspread would make fantastic curtains! Thanks to my dear friend Liz (and seamstress extraordinaire) I have these cool 6 panel shades made from a $19 Ikea duvet cover. I love them! I have one person to thank – my 4 year-old son for looking in the bedding department for curtains.


It is perfectly okay to let your children pick out the paint color for your front doors. They are nothing but wood….and besides, a little color never hurt anyone…

my shoe rack

Of course as the creator of Sweet Peas & Stilettos, I will tell you to throw out your black flats and go crazy with color on your feet. Every mom deserves a fabulous shoe collection. You also need to be able to see your shoes! Think of them as art – not sweatpants that need to be tucked away in your closet. Find an empty wall and put up a shoe rack. For the last 15 years or so I have always used a wall of my home for shoes. It is practical because I actually get to see my shoes when I am getting dressed. It is also a colorful way to dress up and decorate my walls too.

Wishing you and your family lots of luck as you explore, love, live and create while you make your wonderful house a home.

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