Slow Cooked Asian Pork Ribs


Slow Cooked Asian Pork Ribs 

by Gabrielle Moes, Owner and Executive Chef of Seasons Catering

As a working mom, I am all too familiar with the dreaded evening witching hour; and if your house is anything like mine, it usually begins with, “Mom! What’s for dinner?” with a quickly ensuing wail of, “But I’m hungry now!!!!” In this predicament, my career as a chef definitely has its advantages, especially when I have spent my workday creating new recipes and I have a fridge full of leftovers. But, more often than not I am asking myself the same question you are…it’s 5 o’clock, the kids are melting down, and what am I going to cook for dinner?!?

If, like me, you are dedicated to providing your family with healthy and delicious home cooked meals, then the best trick of the trade I can give is to plan your meals ahead. When I find myself with the time, I will prepare a few components of several meals for the upcoming week. I also am not too proud to use culinary short cuts when I can; one of which is (gasp now) the slow cooker. If you have never invested in one for fear of the canned cream of broccoli creations of your childhood, I dare you to rethink! Many of my weeknight recipes include the use of the slow cooker because (here is trick of the trade #2) “low and slow” develops great flavor and is a lot safer than keeping your oven or stove unattended all day!

So, please enjoy some of my favorite recipes that your whole family will surely love and at the same time, hopefully say goodbye to the “oh no, what’s for dinner?!?” nightmares.


Asian Pork Ribs

2-3 lbs pork ribs (bone in or out)
¾ cups sherry
¼ cup soy sauce
¼ cup Hoisin Sauce
2 Tablespoons brown sugar
2 3” cinnamon sticks
1 Tablespoon thinly sliced ginger

Place all ingredients in the slow cooker and cook on LOW for 6-8 hours or on HIGH for 4-6. Meat will fall off of the bone if you are using bone in and will shred if using boneless. Serve over rice with your favorite stir-fried vegetables, or with potatoes and roasted vegetables.

Gabrielle Moes is the owner and executive chef of Seasons Catering and mother to three children. She spent 7 years as the executive chef of the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club before starting Seasons Catering.


Seasons Catering is a full service catering company dedicated to creating memorable events through its impeccable service, exquisite food, and creative presentations. They are proud to create menus to suit every catering need and budget, and are determined to maintain high standards of service and presentation whatever the event may be.

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