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I recently endured the stress of applying to a number of private schools. (Technically it was my 5 year old son who was applying – but I did all of the work.) For those of you who have lived the process – you can sympathize with me how it brings back flashbacks to high school and those darn college essays. I was a bit of a wreck I must admit… A lot of the stress was self inflicted I know. But of course all of us moms talk and ask each other way too many questions so we spin and spin and stress and stress. I reminded myself that it was a huge financial decision (along with obviously being a personal one impacting my one and only child) so I felt that my stress was legitimate. By the end of the process my body was tied up in knots, my back ached and my shoulders and neck were so so so tight. I tried to remind myself that “it’s only kindergarten” but that did not work at all.  Luckily, I easily convinced myself that the only way to make myself feel better was to enjoy a day at the spa. Luckily, Burke Williams was just a phone call away.

I had visited Burke Williams twice before, once a long long time ago in Santa Monica and just a few years ago in Santana Row (San Jose). I was thrilled to have an excuse to go back to Santana Row. Burke Williams is a great spa for people who have a little extra time to enjoy the steam rooms, soaking tubs and sauna. All of these extras are including in the price of your treatment. I am a sucker for steam rooms. I just love them! So needless to say I sat in there for as long as I could endure as my private school stress just melted right out of my pores.

Then it was time for my massage and this time I opted for hot stones. I have to give a huge shout out and thank you to Trisha who did an amazing job working out my knots and getting me to such a relaxed state that I almost fell asleep on the table (literally!). It was a perfect combination of a really relaxing massage with just the right mix of warm rocks woven in throughout. In my very relaxed state I walked down Santana Row and enjoyed a late lunch at the Left Bank, an authentic Parisian-style brasserie. I must admit it was an all around perfect day of peace, quite and relaxation. I think you deserve one too!



And in case you were wondering…my son got his acceptance letters last week – yeah! I think I need to celebrate with another trip to Burke Williams. This time I’ll try a facial and pedicure.

I also want to thank Burke Williams and Trisha for their generosity in treating me to this fabulous trip to the spa. I needed it!

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