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More and more of my friends are opting for family ‘staycations’ this summer. In lieu of packing suitcases, hopping on an airplane with all of their children, and jetting away to some exotic location, they are vacationing at home. I used to think they were crazy. Why would I pass up the chance to stay at a fabulous hotel and explore the yummy food and wonderful boutiques in a new town? Staying put at home just sounded a little boring to tell you the truth. I know I live in a beautiful area, but I really didn’t think I would be able to relax and peel myself away from everything I needed to do around the house. I didn’t think my husband and son would really enjoy it much either since I would probably wrangle them into some massive cleaning project. But now that we are almost at the half point of summer vacation, I have started to come around to the idea. In fact, I think I have finally found the perfect plan to an awesome staycation for my entire family.

I recently visited a few of the properties owned by Western Athletic Clubs and I had an epiphany. If I joined their Clubs, planning a great family staycation would be a breeze.  They had just about everything I needed for a relaxing getaway – no packing, 3 ounce bottles or security lines required…

Here is how I would enjoy my week long staycation right here at home in Northern California:

#1 – Spa Treatments – A massage one day, a facial the next, and throw in a manicure and pedicure and I would be over the moon. Western Athletic Clubs has wonderful Sanctuary Spas in all of their locations so I could be enjoying my relaxing massage while my family was playing racketball or tennis. Perfect.

#2 – No Dishes – Three meals a day, the Club could take care of every meal for me so I wouldn’t need to dirty a dish. I’d get my meals delivered right to the pool so I wouldn’t even need to peel myself away from my magazines and sunshine. I’d let my husband and son order their meals whenever they were hungry – no reservations required.


#3 – Lazy days by the poolWestern Athletic Clubs facilities have amazing pools. At Courtside the little ones can play in the fountain, and my husband could swim laps in the adult pool. I of course would soak in the jacuzzi. And up at their Redwood Shores location – the water playground is incredible. Yes – that photo at the top of the post is from their club! It is comparable to any resort. I wouldn’t have to stand at line at a busy water park for my son to laugh and splash all day long.  I’d let me son bring his best friend and I know they would have a blast all day long.

#4 – A little exercise – I always like to exercise on vacation so I don’t have to feel guilty about the extra calories. It would be a treat to find time to take a new exercise or yoga class and maybe even get back on an elliptical machine for old time sake…And now that I have started playing tennis again it would be fun to play doubles one afternoon with some of my friends.

#5 – A little alone time – I’d love to sign up my son for some special activities so I can finally have a few hours of quite time to finally read Fifty Shades of Grey (I can’t be the last woman on the planet to read it!). During my ideal vacation I want to actually find time to read a book cover to cover. Luckily Western Athletic Clubs has amazing programs and activities for kids to keep them busy and active all day long. I know my son always loves playing with new friends and I would have a few hours to just relax and finally open a book.

Mixed in with all of this we would certainly do a few local tourist activities. We’d walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, enjoy a yummy lunch at the Ferry Building and visit a few museums too. Before I know it our week would be up and I know we would have enjoyed every minute of it. Added bonus – I wouldn’t have to unpack a thing…

I want to thank Western Athletic Clubs for hosting me at their Courtside Club for the afternoon. I had a tour of the facility, enjoyed a delicious poolside lunch, took my first yoga class in 10 years and had a wonderful visit to their spa. I have many many friends who are members of Western Athletic Clubs too and they love it because there are so many activities for everyone in their family. If you don’t live in Northern California – I still recommend looking for a great Club in your own area where you can enjoy ‘staycations’ with your family all year long.

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