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Photo iPhone Cases

Friday, August 31st, 2012



I have started to collect cute iPhone cases like I collect shoes. I just can’t have enough of them and luckily they are a heck of a lot cheaper than anything I would find at the shoe department at Saks. Right now I just love the options available to make personalized iPhone cases. I know I am not the only one with thousands of photos hiding on my phone. It is time for us to share them with the world.

So…..instead of hiding your fabulous photos in your phone, design a cool cell phone case with your favorite images for everyone to see and enjoy. At Casetagram you can create custom iPhone cases from your Instagram photos (just like the cute one pictured above from the Casetagram gallery designed by Anna Gorvits). Unleash your inner artist and make an amazing one-of-a-kind cell phone cover.


You can create wonderful multi and single image photo cell phone cases at TinyPrints/Shutterfly too. And if you just want to personalize your phone with your initials and not a photo – they have some cute options too. Want to get a jumpstart on the holidays? Make a few cases today that you can tuck into Christmas stockings later this year. That is exactly what I want to do!

In fact – I have a whole page dedicated to fabulous designer iPhone / cell phone cases and covers. Come check them out….

Custom Photo Books

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012


It is time to take all of your fabulous summer photographs and create cool personalized photo books. You can’t let your cherished memories just hide in your phone forever! There are so many great options available to help you create a perfect book (or two!). If you have the time and the creativity, you can create fully customized books all on your own, or if you want a little help, many services offer an array of simple templates so all you need to do is select your photographs and they do all of the heavy lifting for you. Love that!


The samples pictured above are from the brand new photo books available at Tiny Prints using their ‘Kids Quotes‘ template. They have tons of templates to choose from – I am sure you will find one that captures your style and shows off your photographs.

You certainly don’t need me to tell you this – but yes – Photo Books make awesome gifts. Not sure what to get your parents or in-laws for Christmas? Without a doubt, the best gift I ever gave my father was a photo book full of images of my son visiting his grandfather’s home town. Two or three years have passed and he still keeps it right next to his bed.

Below is a list of some great services where you can go and create your own custom photo book. These all come recommended by me or my friends. I have also tried to track down as many promo codes, coupons and discounts as I could find too. Hope the savings help!

Blurb – Save 15% On Your Entire Order (Code 15OFFBLURB)

MixBookSave 50% on Mixbook’s Biggest and Best Photo Books! or Get free shipping at Mixbook

MyPublisher The perfect gift for everyone in your life. 40% off photo books from MyPublisher

Tiny Prints– 10% Off Your Tiny Prints order in September – Use Promo Code 10SEPT

Maybe we can all get organized and make our books sooner than later and tuck them away until the holidays. Wouldn’t that be nice….

Vogue Tennis Balls

Monday, August 27th, 2012


Vogue recently commissioned custom designer tennis balls for the US Open and they are extraordinary. You have to pop over to the Vogue website to see the full collection. Peter Som, Tory Burch, Monique Lhuillier and many other designers created the fabulous tennis balls with lace, spikes, rhinestones and more. Each tennis ball is little work of art. I would love to have the whole collection in my own home. I am thinking that this could be a really fun art project to do with the kids. Don’t you agree? I think I will try it next weekend…

Photo Credit: John Manno

The Language Playground

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012


Modern Mommy of the Week:
Have you ever dreamed of having your child learn a second language? I know so many moms who wish they had learned a second language as a child and are trying to figure out how they can make learning a second language a reality for their own kids. Some moms are actually making this dream a reality…

This week I am thrilled to announce our featured Sweet Peas & Stilettos Modern Mommy of the Week – my friend Michelle Gannon from Saratoga, CA. Michelle is an incredibly active mom of three kids Lucas (7), Lousha (4), and Hudson (7 months). She is doing so much to teach her blue eyed, blond haired children to learn to speak and read Mandarin as a second language. What makes her situation unique is that neither she, nor her husband, speak the language at all. They are actually learning a little along with the kids.  And you know what – the kids are thriving and learning more and more every day. She took this passion for language to start an exciting brand new business venture – The Language Playground.


At Sweet Peas & Stilettos we LOVE shoes. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?
I have these super high Steve Madden stilettos that I love! I bought them two years ago when I was in Vegas on my annual girls’ trip with my college buddies. I needed a little “Vavoom” to match Vegas and these fit the bill!

language playground logo

We want the scoop – please tell us all about your fabulous company!
My website/blog is called The Language Playground and I started it to help parents teach their children a second language even if they don’t speak it themselves. I offer all sorts of tips, product reviews and free printables for parents to use to help them out! I love it because it forces me to test out new materials and learning games with my kids! I started it because so many people kept on asking me what I do to get my kids so comfortable speaking Chinese.


Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

FabKids-3 Girls Active

Have you heard about FabKids? It’s an awesome new company started by parents, for parents. Every once in awhile I find a company that makes me wish I had a daughter and FabKids is one of those creative companies with great clothes for stylish girls that I wish I could shop from every month. So if you have a daughter – here is the scoop:  You fill out a simple style profile and every month they will recommend 3 piece, totally coordinated outfits for your daughter. The complete 3 piece outfits are only $39.95! Yep – only forty bucks for a complete outfit – love that!


So you are probably wondering who is behind the company… First of all – the designers have experience designing for some of my favorite children’s brands including BabyStyle and Tea Collection.  What I love is that they feel really modern and stylish, but they keep your girls looking like little girls.I am so impressed with the spirit behind the company. I immediately felt a connection to what they were saying. “We believe in celebrating every girl. The adventurous. The creative. The spirited. The spontaneous. The independent.”


I have been a huge, huge fan of Christina Applegate for a long time and I love it that she is bringing her style and spirit to FabKids. “FabKids is all about celebrating girls and empowering them to express their individuality through their own personal style in a way that builds confidence and lets them shine,” says mom and Creative Partner, Christina Applegate. “And like so many working moms, I’m always short on time. I love that FabKids makes it one-click easy to get a cute, wearable outfit – and at an affordable price!”

If our daughter is between 2-8 years old – you need to check out FabKids. I even have a special FabKids promo code for Sweet Peas & Stilettos readers – just enter “FIRST25” at check-out and you will receive $25 off your first order!


Tuesday, August 21st, 2012


Super chic and super talented tennis star, Maria Sharapova has just launched a fabulous new candy company – Sugarpova. And I have to tell you – there is so much to love about Sugarpova. First of all, a portion of every purchase is given to the Maria Sharapova Foundation for helping children across the world achieve their dreams. Maria has always been a huge philanthropist so it is no surprise that she has made giving back a core mission of her first company.


Secondly – I love the graphic design of the website (pink and orange chevrons – my favorite color combo!) and on her candy packaging. Everything is clean, modern and bursting with sweet colors, and I just love the logo with the brilliant kissy kissy red lips. Maria and her team have created a perfect mix of humor, glamour and fun in every bag.

sugarpova-sporty-candy gumballs

I have recently started playing tennis again and I can’t wait to order this lemon lime ‘Sporty’ chewing gum. How cute are these little tennis balls?


And for my fellow fashionistas….dig your hand into a bag of ‘Chic’ gummy candy and you will of course pull out yummy edible handbags and shoes.  I can’t wait to put these out at my next party or add them to any gift as a little extra sweet treat. So much cute candy to order…I have to run….

Modern Mommy of the Week – Kelly Yaep

Thursday, August 16th, 2012


Modern Mommy of the Week:

This week’s featured Modern Mommy is Kelly Yaep from Southern California. In addition to being the super busy mom of three little boys who are 8, 5, and 2, she recently launched a new (and very cool!) company called Wee Drool. I just love her unique designs and innovative solution, so I asked Kelly to be a Sweet Peas & Stilettos featured modern mom. I am so thrilled she found a few minutes to fill us all in about her company, and of course to tell us about her favorite shoes too.


At Sweet Peas & Stilettos we LOVE shoes. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

My favorite pair of shoes right now are these camel sueded booties I got from DSW a couple years ago.  I love them because they are so versatile.  They are neutral in color so can be worn with a ton of different outfits and look great with a casual outfit as well as a dress!


We want the scoop – please tell us all about your fabulous company!

Wee Drool designs eco-friendly waterproof reversible bibs for babies and toddlers.  They are designed to look and feel like a hip T-shirt to keep your little one dry and in style!  It has been an exciting ride since my launch in April 2012.  My 3 sons were the inspiration behind the product.  They were all major droolers and by my third son I decided to do something about it.  I developed a product this product out of pure desperation to address the many problems that the normal bib poses.  With no bib in the marketplace that met my expectations of function, quality, comfort and of course style, Wee Drool was born!  I designed the bib to resemble a hip graphic tee that can’t be yanked off, won’t flip around like a cape or flip over the baby’s face when lying down.  I wanted to baby to look and feel like the bib was part of their outfit.  The Wee Drool T-Bib is designed for the eco-parent and fashion-conscious parent and tot.

T-Bib – comfort + less rash = happy baby and less laundry = even happier mom!

Wee Drool bibs are good for baby and good for the planet! We are committed to providing superior quality products that are environmentally safe. We use low impact dyes, environmentally friendly water-based inks and recycled paper hang tags. We are also proudly manufactured in the USA!  If you don’t have a little one with a lot of drool or mess, this also makes a unique go-to baby shower gift!

ThredUP Giveaway

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012


There is a new online clothing store for kids….. Not only is it a great place to shop for like new, gently used clothes – it is a really simple way to clean out your child’s closet and earn some extra cash (do I hear extra Christmas shopping money???) The name of the company is ThredUP. They are based in San Francisco but of course, thanks to the wonders of the internet, they are here to help parents all over. And best of all, Sweet Peas & Stilettos is giving away a 20$ gift certificate for FREE CLOTHES at ThredUp, which also includes free shipping. Just pop over to the Sweet Peas & Stilettos Facebook page, like us, and let me know you want to win. The prize will be awarded next week, on Wednesday the 22nd, so put your post up by midnight on the 21st to be eligible.


If you need someone to help you filter all of the items you can pop over to their stylist page where you can find a style that matches your child’s personality. It is almost like your own little store. It is a fun way to get ideas on how to pull the items together since you aren’t in an actual store with a sales person and mannequins around to inspire and guide you.

If you want to clean-out the closets, simply order one of the their bags and fill it up. Be sure to check the list of brands they accept and obviously don’t send them clothes with stains or rips. ThredUP is better than a typical consignment shop because you don’t have to wait for your items to sell before you get your money. They will assess the value and then you can cash out through PayPal. So easy!

So don’t forget – Sweet Peas & Stilettos is giving away a 20$ gift certificate for FREE CLOTHES at ThredUp. Just pop over to the Sweet Peas & Stilettos Facebook page right now and let me know you want to win. You have to ‘like’ Sweet Peas & Stilettos too of course…


Minted’s NEW Shapes

Sunday, August 12th, 2012


It is time to say goodbye to the basic (and kind of boring) rectangle…. Have you seen the 8 new unique card shapes available at Minted? They are so cute! The folks at Minted were kind enough to send me a bunch of samples so I could see for myself and I couldn’t believe what a huge difference the special details made to these already very pretty cards. I can’t recommend them enough. Through August 22nd you can enjoy a free upgrade to the new die-cut shapes! Just enter the promo code ‘SHAPES‘ during checkout. I had two favorites that I wanted to share with you.


I adore the rounded, scalloped edges on this Baby Makes Three Birth Announcement designed by Susie Allen. The unique edges are a perfect compliment to the overlapping circles on the card itself. Of course it is still printed on Minted’s thick, luxe paper too.


My other favorite was the precious Spring Hatch Birth Announcement designed by Annie Clark with these smaller scalloped edges with little pin holes. The details of the edging let light through when you are viewing the card and give the card a modern yet delicate lace look. Be sure to select a fun patterned backer option for your cards too. It really does make a difference.

Tea Collection SALE

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Tea-collection-sale-boys-Cykel-Kalamari 5-Piece Set

All of my friends think I am totally crazy but I am actually sad that my son will be attending a school that has uniforms. I know it is supposed to make things “easy” for parents, but it is not easy for me. It is actually really hard for me to pass up all of the adorable back-to-school clothes available this season. Since I am not able to fill my son’s closet with all of these great clothes, I have volunteered to be the personal shopper for my friends. I can shop vicariously through them this year.

I just found out about a great back-to-school sale going on at Tea Collection that I wanted to share with all of you who actually get to go back-to-school shopping. Buy 3 select back to school separates and get the 4th free. And who doesn’t love FREE clothes – especially when they are cute and comfortable shirts and pants that both you and your kids will love? The offer is valid through Sunday, August 19th at 11:59 pm PST. And when you are shopping online, be sure to look for clothing that includes 3+1 symbol so you won’t be sad at checkout…. Promo Code: 3PLUS1