Fancy Paper & Scissors


I was carpooling to school the other day with a few kids and watched one of the boys totally entranced with a piece of paper and a pair of scissors. It instantly reminded me of that kid’s really do love the simple things. We don’t need iPads and computer games and RC vehicles to keep kids enthralled and amused. All it took was a simple piece of paper and a pair of yellow plastic child proof scissors. Every one else in the car wanted to see his inventive creations. When I logged in later that night and popped over to The Land of Nod, I knew I had found some perfect birthday party gifts and stocking stuffers. They had the perfect balance of keeping it simple but making it super cool.

Over at The Land of Nod I found these Kids Crafts: Play Paper Snowflakes (a.k.a. sheets of fancy paper) and these cool Kids Arts: Fancy Half Circle Zig Zag Scissors. These will be great for my son’s art table and I am going to stock up because I know they will make great birthday gifts for boys and girls alike. My son is in kindergarten now and loves cutting paper into various shapes. If I am going to have little scraps all over the floor, I figure they might as well be cute and colorful. So come join me and stock up on some new art supplies today.

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