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Happy Family Stories from the Bright Side

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Lucky Me – The Not So Picky Eater


I love to eat. I don’t really love to cook, in fact I actually dislike cooking all together, but I do love food, especially really good food, and have always been an adventurous eater. I vividly remember eating frog legs in Singapore when I was a small child. My brother and I even picked out our frogs from the tank!  I always kept my fingers crossed that my son would love all sorts of food as much as I do. (And before I tell you my whole story I want to thank Happy Family for sponsoring this post. I love working with great companies like Happy Family.) So here goes…

Before my son was born, I feared that I would give birth to a child who came out the womb on the white diet. Don’t get me wrong –  I do have a fondness for butter, noodles, cheese pizza and hot dog buns, but I dreamed of so much more delectable goodness for my little boy and I didn’t want to have to hide the yummy flavors deep inside of some sort of mystery meat ball.  Somehow, I got lucky….

Early on we were off to a great start when I made fresh vegetable puree from organic vegetables and my son gobbled up every last bite. Well actually it was his nanny (thank you Tacy!)who made the purees every day while I was at work because I didn’t have the time or patience to cut, steam and mush up vegetables.  And I am not sure if all of the vegetables were actually organic, but they were vegetables and they were a colorful range of yellow, green, purple and orange and my son was eating them all. I was afraid of that dreary looking rice cereal for fear it would lead him down the white path so I steered clear as much as possible. Instead he enjoyed every color of the rainbow. I was thrilled to come across Happy Family so I could actually feed my son so much wonderful food without having to work too hard. I was off to a great start and thought I deserved some sort of prize for this one. My little dream was coming true.

A few years later we were still going strong and I was riding high with mommy pride. Most parents were more concerned with sleeping, walking and learning the alphabet but for whatever reason my focus was still on food. There was nothing I feared more than having a picky eater at home. I knew he would eventually learn his letters and would be running in no time, but I just wanted him to love all sorts of flavors and colors and textures.

Our next test was caviar – yes caviar. We are not talking Beluga and hundreds of dollars – believe it or not you can actually buy caviar at Ikea (and I do!).  My son had grown out of his egg allergy (thank goodness!) and I figured that it was time to introduce him to scrambled eggs. I decided to pop open a jar of caviar and pile a little dollop right on top (those scrambled eggs were a little too white for my liking – we needed a spot of color).  His eyes opened wide when I brought his plate over to the table. He had a hard time understanding the fish egg idea but just like George, he was incredibly curious. He poked them around a bit with his fingers to see what these little things were all about. Then before I knew it, he scooped them all up in one big bite. He started laughing uncontrollably at the sensation of these little beads popping in his mouth. He loved it. In fact he skipped the eggs and polished off the whole jar of delectable caviar on his own. Every last little bit….

From Indian curries and Mexican enchiladas to Swedish herring and of course the sushi bar, my son has developed an appetite for foods from all over the world. When my husband wanted to take him out for Ethiopian food – I was certain that we would finally meet our match. I was craving Ethiopian too so I thought we should just give it a try. I was silly of me to think he wouldn’t love having an excuse to eat with his hands. He was enchanted by the idea of tearing of a piece of injera (all by himself) and scooping up delicious bites of stew and vegetables. He was totally in control and loved the experience of eating and much as the flavors. It has now become a family tradition and we go out for Ethiopian food regularly. In fact it is usually my 6 year old son who requests it.

We are still working on his reading, it has been almost impossible to get him to sleep in his own bed, he stays up way too late, and getting ready in the morning is a chore for everyone in our house, but my son is a great eater. I know I have given him a lifetime of enjoyment knowing that he loves food from all over the world. We can’t win every battle and we will never be perfect parents but we can find the little things in life to make us happy and feel accomplished as parents. I know I am incredibly lucky. But when I look back I think it all started in the beginning with the rainbow of fruits of vegetables.It was a perfect step in the right direction. A dash of cumin, a few sprinkles of coriander and a sprig of cilantro – may my little Carl grow up to enjoy sharing great meals with his family and friends forever.

If you want to pick up some Happy Family goodness for your little one here is a quick link to find a store by you and you can also grab a coupon here to save $.50 off Happy Family organic snacks and meals.

And a few more things – I do want to let you know about Happy Families “Stories from the Bright Side” is a campaign that shines a humorous light on food and feeding challenges that parents have through sharing funny stories. Head on over to the Happy Family Facebook page and upload your own funny feeding story. Happy Family will pick a funny feeding story to award $20K towards their child’s college education (the rules and regulations are on the Facebook page). How cool is that! And another reason to love Happy Family… Happy Family believes that every baby deserves to be a happy baby. With every product sold, the company supports Project Peanut Butter, a nonprofit that feeds starving children in Malawi, Mali and Sierra Leone.

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Happy Family blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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ModCloth Home Decor

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Perfect Ten-tickles Wall Decal

I have been a long time fan of ModCloth and all of their vintage inspired clothes, shoes and accessories. But now I have a whole new reason to visit their site – their wonderful collection of really cute and unique home furnishings. And the other night while I was catching up on a few episodes of Real Housewives of Miami, I was also tracking funky decor ideas that would look just as good in my home as they would in my niece’s college dorm room.

One of my favorite pieces is this Perfect Ten-tickles Wall Decal. My son loves fish and creatures of the sea and I think this cephalopod’s navy-blue appendages would look so cool peeping out behind his bed and with it’s modern look. I think it would create a bold look in a beach house living room too.

This vinyl sticker set can accent most flat, smooth surfaces including doors, windows, or mirrors, and ModCloth insists that they are easily removable when you decide to change the tides of your decor.