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Blurb Holiday Gift Guide & Sale

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Can you believe that the holidays are right around the corner? I am still trying to hold on to the freedom and sunshine of summer, but I must admit that I am loving the lovely red leaves on the liquid amber trees outside of my kitchen, and all of the fabulous fall boots in the stores. Before we know it – winter will be here…

Rather than waiting to the very last minute to shop for holiday gifts, I think it might be my year to get personal, unleash a little creativity, and create one-of-a-kind gifts for my family.  I know my parents and in-laws will love receiving something special and this is the weekend to get started…


Ready for a little inspiration? Check out Blurb’s 2013 Gift Guide which is full of fabulous gift ideas – from children’s books, photo books and cookbooks too. Don’t think you have the creative juices to design a book all on your own? Not to worry….The Gift Guide is also an instruction guide for how to make a beautiful Blurb book gift for anyone in your life. They will teach you everything you need to know. It’s so much easier than you think! Get a head start on your Holiday gifts by creating your own Blurb books and save 20% through 10/7/13 with code EARLYBIRD20.

Photo Book Sale

Thursday, September 5th, 2013


I will be the first to admit that planning beyond tomorrow just seems impossible these days. I have friends who are making plans for the Christmas holidays while I am still trying to enjoy the end of summer. And even though I don’t have a clue where my family is headed for Thanksgiving – I do know that Blurb has a ‘Thank You’ Sale going on right now. It is time to download your favorite summer pictures from your cell phone and create some fun photo books to give to your favorite family and friends as a little special thank you gift this holiday. Add a few special words including a special memory or a simple note of thanks to complete your custom photo book. Another fun idea would be to collect a bunch of your family’s favorite Thanksgiving recipes and include a few crazy pictures of your cousins and grandparents and create a keepsake everyone will treasure for generations to come. Make your books (hard copy or electronic) this weekend so you can take advantage of this special Thank You promotion and you can cross one more thing off of your to-do list. Enjoy 15% OFF your order now through Monday, September 9th, 2013.

Oh wait – I almost forgot – the promo code you will want to enter is TAKE15. Let me know what kind of book you end up making!

Photo credit: Familjen, I Tove Freiij, Blurb

ModCloth Home Decor

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Perfect Ten-tickles Wall Decal

I have been a long time fan of ModCloth and all of their vintage inspired clothes, shoes and accessories. But now I have a whole new reason to visit their site – their wonderful collection of really cute and unique home furnishings. And the other night while I was catching up on a few episodes of Real Housewives of Miami, I was also tracking funky decor ideas that would look just as good in my home as they would in my niece’s college dorm room.

One of my favorite pieces is this Perfect Ten-tickles Wall Decal. My son loves fish and creatures of the sea and I think this cephalopod’s navy-blue appendages would look so cool peeping out behind his bed and with it’s modern look. I think it would create a bold look in a beach house living room too.

This vinyl sticker set can accent most flat, smooth surfaces including doors, windows, or mirrors, and ModCloth insists that they are easily removable when you decide to change the tides of your decor.

Jellies Experience in Monterey

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013


One of our favorite family activities is to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It is only an hour from our home so it is a great place for a weekend afternoon trip.  Many times we get a hotel room in Carmel and make a weekend out of it.

Of course there are adorable otters, scary sharks, hilarious penguins, magical seahorses and all sorts of fabulous fish for the kids to look at and even tanks where they can actually touch creatures of the sea. And what kid doesn’t love getting their hands wet! But I have been so impressed with the current jellyfish exhibit titled, The Jellies Experience, and how the team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium has incorporate technology into a wonderful interactive experience for kids of all ages.

Here is how it works. There are about six small touch screen stations arranged for the kids. Children are able to draw images on the screens with their fingers, very similar to an iPad drawing application. They can pick from a rainbow of colors and two different widths of brushes. The idea is that they are to draw a jellyfish (my son usually likes to draw a submarine or two as well). When they have completed their picture they can release it out to sea. With a click of a button their image floats up to a large screen on the wall where their jellyfish floats around in the sea with the fish designed by all of the other children. It is just wonderful and the children squeal in delight watching their creature float in the big blue sea. As an added bonus, you can enter your email address and your child’s image gets sent right to your inbox. It is brilliant. You can go home and print you the image or make it your screen saver. You can also send it directly to grandparents or friends so they can get a colorful surprise in their email too.

Needless to say, my son is hooked on this awesome exhibit. And  I am too.

jelly-fish monterey bay aquarium

Happy Birthday Minted!

Monday, April 1st, 2013

15% off

Celebrate Minted’s anniversary with 15% off everything. Anyone who has visited Sweet Peas & Stilettos knows how much I LOVE all of the products at Minted. I am so thrilled for their success and I bet the next 5 years will be full of even more creative and colorful treats for all of us. Happy Anniversary Minted! Now we can all celebrate.


Wedding Inspiration

Friday, January 11th, 2013

minted wedding inspiration board


In a few short months my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and it is fun to think back to our wedding and all of the choices I made (yes – I made them all – he got plan the honeymoon). Of course I thought it was perfect and looking back there is very little I would change. I loved my dress, I loved my red Louis Vuitton shoes and I loved that so many of my friends were able to join us in Montecito for a fabulous party. Thank you mom and dad!!

With summer wedding planning in high gear right now, there are many brides to be who are in the process of trying to envision their perfect wedding celebration. Sometimes is starts with a color, maybe it is a favorite flower, or maybe the location. In my case, my shoes (surprise, surprise!) were the centerpiece of my planning and set the tone for everything.

minted wedding inspiration board


So I have had so much fun with Minted’s wedding inspiration boards. First of all – they are gorgeous! Each and every one of them. Of course my favorite thing is that most of them include a super fabulous pair of shoes. They are so inspiring and so much fun to look at. You get ideas for decorations and table settings and of course stationery too. Even if you aren’t planning a wedding – they are full of creative ideas for any party really. And I have also gotten great ideas for color combinations for my home too. Love them!

And guess what – you can make your own inspiration board on Minted too. Hop on over to Minted and go take a quick peek. I promise, you won’t be disappointed…


Custom Photo Calendars

Friday, December 7th, 2012

minted-custom-photo-calendar-2013       minted-custom-photo-calendar-2013

2013 will be here before you know it…..scary isn’t it! So now is the time to pick out your 2013 calendar so you can make sure you don’t miss any important dates. I am so excited that Minted has brought back calendars to their line of fabulous paper products. You can create your own one-of-a-kind high quality photo calendar that you can hang on your wall and enjoy all year long. These are not your basic, flimsy calendars. Minted’s calendars are designed by indie designers and printed on luxurious, matte paper and they have rounded corners which give them a more modern finish. You can choose between the Standard (8.5 x 11”, $29) or the Grand (11.5 x 14”, $39). They obviously make great gifts for family and friends alike, and of course you need to make one for yourself too…

Sweet Peas & Stilettos has a great selection of planners for moms and family organizers in case you need those too.

Gifts Galore

Friday, November 30th, 2012


I have one last item to share with all of you as I wrap up Tiny Prints week on Sweet Peas & Stilettos. Today’s Tiny Prints Deal of the Day is actually going to last all weekend long. You will be able to enjoy 35% OFF all photo gifts all day today, Saturday and Sunday. So yes, you can go out tonight and enjoy your Friday and then curl up on the couch over the weekend and start designing cool gifts with your favorite pictures.

I spend so much time out on the Tiny Prints website and I have to tell you that I was totally surprised to see that they are now caring canvas photos. They are so popular now and are an easy way to make any photograph really unique. They make your average snapshot look super fancy when you hang them on your walls. And if you have a professional photographer snap some great shots and you get to keep the digital picture – well then you are really in luck. I have seen some photographers charge hundreds and hundreds of dollars for these canvas prints and now Tiny Prints will make them for you. Love that! Just think about the cute pair of shoes you can buy with all of the money you save….

Retro Techy Gifts

Thursday, November 29th, 2012


Despite this cold winter weather, I think it is time to pull on a pair of blue and yellow Dolphin shorts, a gold head band, and some Mork & Mindy rainbow suspenders, blast the Zanadu album and start shopping.  Who doesn’t love some good old retro fun and funky styles. When you have a name on your holiday shopping list that totally stumps you, I always think humor goes a long way. Luckily, having a little fun doesn’t cost much either, especially is you pop on over to Mod Cloth. Who doesn’t need some floppy disk ‘nice save’ coasters?


And this cassette tape right here – it is actually a cutting board. Totally practical! I have been having a blast cracking myself up at all of the fabulous gift ideas at Mod Cloth. Their gift guides are organized so you can shop by person, by color, by vintage era and styles. For that nephew who is off to college, the kids’ babysitter, and even for your brother or best friend – there is a little something for everyone.

Of course they have awesome retro inspired clothes and shoes for both men and women too.

Fancy Paper & Scissors

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012


I was carpooling to school the other day with a few kids and watched one of the boys totally entranced with a piece of paper and a pair of scissors. It instantly reminded me of that kid’s really do love the simple things. We don’t need iPads and computer games and RC vehicles to keep kids enthralled and amused. All it took was a simple piece of paper and a pair of yellow plastic child proof scissors. Every one else in the car wanted to see his inventive creations. When I logged in later that night and popped over to The Land of Nod, I knew I had found some perfect birthday party gifts and stocking stuffers. They had the perfect balance of keeping it simple but making it super cool.

Over at The Land of Nod I found these Kids Crafts: Play Paper Snowflakes (a.k.a. sheets of fancy paper) and these cool Kids Arts: Fancy Half Circle Zig Zag Scissors. These will be great for my son’s art table and I am going to stock up because I know they will make great birthday gifts for boys and girls alike. My son is in kindergarten now and loves cutting paper into various shapes. If I am going to have little scraps all over the floor, I figure they might as well be cute and colorful. So come join me and stock up on some new art supplies today.