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Thursday, January 24th, 2013

american consignment company

Featured Modern Mommy of the Week:

Sally Miller from San Jose, California is mom to 2 year-old Charlotte and also a budding entrepreneur. She has left corporate America behind to launch her own consignment business, American Consignment Company.

american consignment company shoes

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes:

My favorite shoes have to be my summer wedges. I bought them in London at a UK store called Russell & Bromley. They look great with jeans and yet are incredibly comfortable. I purchased these shoes over 5 years ago and have worn them many, many times since but they are still going strong!


Tell us about your fabulous business:

I’ve always dreamt about building a business. And when I discovered consignment sales events, I knew I’d found the answer. This was something I could do and feel passionate about.

One of the things I love most about consignment sales is that they offer families a way to make and save money. I’ve met Moms who buy a complete wardrobe for their kids at one event and then sell the entire collection the following year. It’s that easy and a lot of fun!

In starting American Consignment Company, my goal is to hold well organized and friendly events that families look forward to each season. My company values are: Quality, Community, and Convenience. We check all consigned items for quality and only accept boutique and name brands. We organize sellers’ items and display them just like a retail store. An event typically runs for 2 to 3 days over a weekend and features thousands of gently used items at great prices.

I love this business and hope that shoppers and consignors enjoy coming to my events as much as I enjoy organizing the sales for them! The first event will be held March 2-3 in Los Gatos, California. Check out the website for more details.

Rockin’ Baby Slings

Monday, November 5th, 2012


Look at all of these beautiful mommies! I have always been a huge fan of the ‘one-for-one’ idea. You buy one of something and the company will donate one to somebody in need. We have seen it be so successful with TOMS and Warby Parker and now Rockin’ Baby Slings has joined the wave.

The company and its mission is spearheaded by mother of 5, Kathryn Wiley. If you purchase one of their cotton baby carriers they will donate one to a parent in need. The moms pictured above are in Haiti where Rockin’ Baby has been focusing their efforts after learning that Haiti has the highest infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. As part of their ‘mother-to-mother’ mission, not only do they provide baby carriers, they also provide education. Rockin’ Baby educates mothers on the impact as sling can have on their lives. “In addition to making it easier to nurture and love, as well as bond and breastfeed, these slings will allow mothers to continue to gather food and water for their families. As the attachment of a mother and her infant could be a matter of survival, education and slings will impact this need dramatically.”


I am so impressed by Kathryn and her growing company. It is always so cool to see a busy mom venture out into entrepreneurship and wonderful that she has made giving back such a core part of her company.

Palo Alto Forest

Monday, October 1st, 2012


I am thrilled to announce the opening of Angela Buenning Filo’s photo exhibition, The Palo Alto Forest, on Saturday, October 6th, 11:30 am – 5 pm as part of the Grand Reopening Celebration at the Palo Alto Art Center. It will remain on display at the newly-remodeled Palo Alto Art Center through April 14, 2013.

For this project Angela reached out to the Palo Alto community with the question: How do the trees that surround us impact our lives? She asked people to photograph a tree that is meaningful to them and to write a six word story about their tree. Nearly 400 people responded–including many children (and me!).

For the final artwork, she decided to print each image and story on glass. Suspended in a circle from the ceiling and illuminated from all sides, the trees join together to define a new space. This artwork was a true collaboration; she took her direction from the wonderful material the community presented her.

Since 2000, Angela Buenning Filo has been creating photographic documentations of the changing Silicon Valley landscape, which have been exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the San Jose Museum of Art, and through the public art program at the San Jose International Airport. (I am honored that two of her pieces hang in my home too.) She has also turned her camera on Bangalore, India, and focused on the way the global technology boom has transformed the landscape there. She is an amazing mother to two little girls and I am proud to call this immensely talented women my dear friend (and my sewing teacher).

For the opening on Saturday, October 6th  the Palo Alto Art Center has a full day of interactive, fun activities planned for the whole family. Here is the full schedule. It is going to be a wonderful day for families all over the Bay Area to come together to celebrate the arts in our own backyard. I hope to see you there!

Modern Mommy of the Week – Jessie Salas

Friday, September 21st, 2012


Modern Mommy of the Week:

When I arrived at my son’s new school a few weeks ago, I met one mom in particular who was full of energy and had this incredible joy about her. She seemed so genuine, so happy (even at 7:45 in the morning with kids hanging on every limb!) and so fun – immediately I wanted to be her friend. That woman is Jessie Salas from San Jose, California. Jessie is mom to 3 very cute kids – Addison (Addie) who is 5, Hudson who will be turning 3 in October and Sydney who is just 3 months old. Jessie left her hectic high-tech career to start her own photography business. Like so many of us, she wanted to make money and have a career, but also wanted to have flexible hours so she could spend more time with her growing family. Over the last 5 years she has grown her business tremendously. Silicon Valley moms go straight to Jessie Salas because they know she will capture unique images of their children that they will treasure forever.


At Sweet Peas & Stilettos we LOVE shoes. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

My favorite pair of shoes – DKNY strappy sandal pump. I purchased them twelve years ago (I know, right?!?) at Macy’s in San Francisco. They have aged so gracefully (although they have had some cosmetic surgery doe over the years…and might even be in need of some now). I was with my mom when I made my purchase and these shoes have been on many dates (including one of the very first I had with my now-husband Kris), assisted me through numerous job interviews and spent time being paired with skirts and jeans alike…they were single girl shoes, shoes I wore when I was newly married and now serve as the occasional mama’s night out selection. To me they have a personality of their own and I simply love them. They are shoes I will NEVER part with…no matter how ratty they might become.


We want the scoop – please tell us all about your fabulous company!

Photography has been one of my passions since childhood…in fact I tell clients all the time that I can still remember my grandpa showing me how to use his gigantic Polaroid camera. I just loved the instant gratification of snapping a shot and watching as it processed before my eyes.

During college I spent time focusing and learning about photography but it wasn’t until my daughter was born that I decided to pursue my hobby as a fully fledged career. For ten years or so I had been a software sales rep working for organizations including Sun Microsystems, Network Appliance and Webex. I always thought I’d return to the world of technology however after falling in love with Addie within milliseconds after she arrived, the thought of ever leaving her seemed completely foreign to me…with the desire to still contribute to our household while remaining home to watch my daughter grow, Jessie Salas Photography was established.

It began as one, maybe two sessions per month with families of three or four…within a short period of time it had grown to a few sessions over the course of a weekend…before I knew it my referral base was expanding and inbound interest for my ‘little photography business that could’ was up to about ten calls or emails per week…covering the span of moms-to-be, their newborns, young children and families of all sizes.

I have found that my photography business allows me to integrate my love of art with my love for meeting new people, hearing their stories, watching their families interact and most of all encapsulating THEIR moments in time (and these moments are so fleeting). I am inspired by the thought that the instances I capture will be memories relived for many years to come. And that the time I spend with each family is fun (not just for me but for them as well!).

Modern Mommy of the Week – Renee from Stork Vision

Friday, September 14th, 2012


Modern Mommy of the Week:

Renee Caldwell from Keller, Texas is this week’s featured Sweet Peas & Stilettos Modern Mommy of the Week. Renee is not only the founder of Stork Vision® Prenatal Imaging Centers, she is also the mom of four children – two daughters ages 9 & 13 and two sons ages 18 & 11. Based on her own experience as an expectant mother, Renee understood the emotions and excitement when a woman sees her baby for the first time. She wanted to create a safe and comfortable environment where families can truly enjoy this incredibly special moment.


At Sweet Peas & Stilettos we LOVE shoes. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

My favorite shoes right now are a pair of rope wedge sandals with a braided leather top by Indigo. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.  They have a flexible rubber sole but are still totally fashionable! I bought them in an adorable boutique called “Clicks” in Chicago- thinking I was hot stuff only to find out that Indio is the sister brand to Clarks (hello- my Grandmother’s brand!!!)  I now own them in two colors and will be taking them with me to Europe next week. They are the perfect travel shoe!

We want the scoop – please tell us all about your fabulous company!

My company, Stork Vision 3D/4D Ultrasound introduces expectant parents to their developing babies with safe, high quality, 3D & 4D ultrasounds performed in a home theater atmosphere.   My own pregnancy experiences inspired me to establish our first Stork Vision Ultrasound center in 2004 and I am thrilled to have opened our 23rd store this summer.  The key to our success is our belief in quality, safety and unsurpassed customer service.   From the moment you walk through our doors, you will be taken care of by our endearing, knowledgeable staff.

For more information visit:

Tiny Prints Sale

Modern Mommy of the Week – Kristina Rust

Friday, September 7th, 2012


Modern Mommy of the Week:

With the holidays right around the corner (so crazy – not sure how summer flew by so quickly!) I have had photography on my brain. It is that time of year to start thinking about holiday photo cards and taking that perfect picture of your family. This week’s Sweet Peas & Stilettos Modern Mommy of the Week is successful family photographer, Kristina Rust of Kristina Rust Photography. I think I am busy with one son, but she is able to juggle her busy life in Northern California as a mom to 4 children – one daughter (13) and three active sons ages 15, 11 & 11.


At Sweet Peas & Stilettos we LOVE shoes. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

My favorite pair of shoes are my Cole Hahn sandals.  I bought them for our trip to Europe this past summer.  I wanted something comfortable, yet stylish and knew I’d be on my feet all day playing tourist.  These shoes were perfect.  They were comfy(having a Nikeair sole) and the metallic color added a little pizazz.   Stylish and sensible shoes DO exist.


We want the scoop – please tell us all about your fabulous company!

I am a life-style, family photographer.  My passion for photography and love of documenting life’s everyday moments inspired me to start my own business 4 years ago.  My style is casual and relaxed and my sessions are laid back and fun.  I strive to capture your child’s personality (no fake smiles) and create images that you’ll love to display for years to come. I truly feel that my images tell stories and there is nothing more gratifying than having my clients tell me how much they love their photos.


The Language Playground

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012


Modern Mommy of the Week:
Have you ever dreamed of having your child learn a second language? I know so many moms who wish they had learned a second language as a child and are trying to figure out how they can make learning a second language a reality for their own kids. Some moms are actually making this dream a reality…

This week I am thrilled to announce our featured Sweet Peas & Stilettos Modern Mommy of the Week – my friend Michelle Gannon from Saratoga, CA. Michelle is an incredibly active mom of three kids Lucas (7), Lousha (4), and Hudson (7 months). She is doing so much to teach her blue eyed, blond haired children to learn to speak and read Mandarin as a second language. What makes her situation unique is that neither she, nor her husband, speak the language at all. They are actually learning a little along with the kids.  And you know what – the kids are thriving and learning more and more every day. She took this passion for language to start an exciting brand new business venture – The Language Playground.


At Sweet Peas & Stilettos we LOVE shoes. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?
I have these super high Steve Madden stilettos that I love! I bought them two years ago when I was in Vegas on my annual girls’ trip with my college buddies. I needed a little “Vavoom” to match Vegas and these fit the bill!

language playground logo

We want the scoop – please tell us all about your fabulous company!
My website/blog is called The Language Playground and I started it to help parents teach their children a second language even if they don’t speak it themselves. I offer all sorts of tips, product reviews and free printables for parents to use to help them out! I love it because it forces me to test out new materials and learning games with my kids! I started it because so many people kept on asking me what I do to get my kids so comfortable speaking Chinese.


Tuesday, August 21st, 2012


Super chic and super talented tennis star, Maria Sharapova has just launched a fabulous new candy company – Sugarpova. And I have to tell you – there is so much to love about Sugarpova. First of all, a portion of every purchase is given to the Maria Sharapova Foundation for helping children across the world achieve their dreams. Maria has always been a huge philanthropist so it is no surprise that she has made giving back a core mission of her first company.


Secondly – I love the graphic design of the website (pink and orange chevrons – my favorite color combo!) and on her candy packaging. Everything is clean, modern and bursting with sweet colors, and I just love the logo with the brilliant kissy kissy red lips. Maria and her team have created a perfect mix of humor, glamour and fun in every bag.

sugarpova-sporty-candy gumballs

I have recently started playing tennis again and I can’t wait to order this lemon lime ‘Sporty’ chewing gum. How cute are these little tennis balls?


And for my fellow fashionistas….dig your hand into a bag of ‘Chic’ gummy candy and you will of course pull out yummy edible handbags and shoes.  I can’t wait to put these out at my next party or add them to any gift as a little extra sweet treat. So much cute candy to order…I have to run….

Modern Mommy of the Week – Kelly Yaep

Thursday, August 16th, 2012


Modern Mommy of the Week:

This week’s featured Modern Mommy is Kelly Yaep from Southern California. In addition to being the super busy mom of three little boys who are 8, 5, and 2, she recently launched a new (and very cool!) company called Wee Drool. I just love her unique designs and innovative solution, so I asked Kelly to be a Sweet Peas & Stilettos featured modern mom. I am so thrilled she found a few minutes to fill us all in about her company, and of course to tell us about her favorite shoes too.


At Sweet Peas & Stilettos we LOVE shoes. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

My favorite pair of shoes right now are these camel sueded booties I got from DSW a couple years ago.  I love them because they are so versatile.  They are neutral in color so can be worn with a ton of different outfits and look great with a casual outfit as well as a dress!


We want the scoop – please tell us all about your fabulous company!

Wee Drool designs eco-friendly waterproof reversible bibs for babies and toddlers.  They are designed to look and feel like a hip T-shirt to keep your little one dry and in style!  It has been an exciting ride since my launch in April 2012.  My 3 sons were the inspiration behind the product.  They were all major droolers and by my third son I decided to do something about it.  I developed a product this product out of pure desperation to address the many problems that the normal bib poses.  With no bib in the marketplace that met my expectations of function, quality, comfort and of course style, Wee Drool was born!  I designed the bib to resemble a hip graphic tee that can’t be yanked off, won’t flip around like a cape or flip over the baby’s face when lying down.  I wanted to baby to look and feel like the bib was part of their outfit.  The Wee Drool T-Bib is designed for the eco-parent and fashion-conscious parent and tot.

T-Bib – comfort + less rash = happy baby and less laundry = even happier mom!

Wee Drool bibs are good for baby and good for the planet! We are committed to providing superior quality products that are environmentally safe. We use low impact dyes, environmentally friendly water-based inks and recycled paper hang tags. We are also proudly manufactured in the USA!  If you don’t have a little one with a lot of drool or mess, this also makes a unique go-to baby shower gift!

Modern Mommy of the Week – Sri Kumar

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Sweet Peas & Stilettos Modern Mommy of the Week

Every week I will be featuring a modern mom who has started her own company, launched a fabulous blog or created an innovative product. We will get a chance to hear about their businesses as well as their favorite shoes. If you are interested in being considered, simply send me an email and let me know.

Our very first Featured Modern Mommy of the Week is Sri Kumar from San Antonio, Texas. She is the mother of a little girl who is 20 months old and is also the Owner and Creative Director of


At Sweet Peas & Stilettos we LOVE shoes. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

My favorite shoes are my red Nine West flats. I bought them 4 years ago for a trip to NYC. This was the first trip that my boyfriend (now husband!) and I took together. I needed a pair of shoes that were comfortable and cute. These flats took me from daytime sightseeing to fancy evenings on Broadway. Now that I am a mom, these shoes are still my go to pair when I need to dress up a casual outfit or when I need to head out for a long day of errands and play dates.


We want the scoop – please tell us all about your fabulous company!

The Mayasri bumper-less bedding line started soon after the birth of my daughter. When I was pregnant I had a hard time finding a bedding set that was affordable, colorful, and unique in design. In researching baby bedding products I also came across the concern for the possible link between bumpers and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). With this in mind, I started the Mayasri bedding line for moms like me who wanted a bumper-less set that was still stylish. The designs are inspired by the vibrant colors of India with a modern take on traditional prints. The crib sheet, bed skirt, and quilt are all hand screen printed with the soft cotton voile quilt being hand stitched. So, for those modern moms who want just the essentials for their little ones, Mayasri was made just for you!